Austin D. Feight

Team Builder,

I bring great people together and bring out the best in each of them.

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Currently happily employed at JOOR. Join me?

The Code

I write code that allows you to maintain a high development velocity.

It's clean and declarative, well-architected, and covered with tests. What this means for you is fewer bugs, surprises, and road bumps. At the end of the day, you're able to have more confidence in deadlines, and to make better decisions as a business.

Building Effective Teams

I build well-balanced teams comprised of high-performing individuals.

There's no formula for a perfect hire. There is, however, a right fit for a specific team, at a particular company, at a certain point in time. First, I work to understand the culture that we're trying to build, learn about what gaps in skills exist, and use this to evaluate whether a candidate fits the bill on both accounts.

I believe in hiring for will over skill. As such, my hiring process is weighted roughly 30% on the experience, knowledge, and skills required, 60% on interpersonal skills, and 10% passion, with a hard requirement that this person reinforces the company culture*.

*In many cases, culture has come to mean "I would grab a beer with this person", but this is far from a definition that's useful. Great examples of culture that actually inform good hiring decisions are those like Netflix, Bridgewater, Atlassian, or Zappos famously offering employees $2k to leave.

Inspiring Peak Performance

Individually, the most effective and inspired employees have personal incentives aligned with the goals of the company. I make this happen by working with each member of the team to understand what their own path to success looks like, and put a plan in place to achieve it together.

As a team, I employ exercises that humanize teammates to establish trust, empower all members of the team to bring good ideas to the table by sharing contextual information liberally, and ensure alignment towards a clear goal.

Things I believe in

A collection of things I've learned along the way.
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